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Frequently Asked Questions

The deed restrictions are the first and only line of defense the association has for maintaining the integrity of the community. Your continued cooperation in adhering to those deed restrictions is greatly appreciated. Should you receive a deed restriction letter, please accept the letter as a request to bring your property into compliance. Before you call, please take a moment and go outside to look at the request. If you will need additional time to bring your property into compliance, please contact The Home Owners Association.

The annual maintenance fee statements are mailed in November. Delinquent statements are mailed in February, March, April & May. If your mortgage company escrows for payment of the annual maintenance fees, you should mail the statement, with your loan number, to the mortgage company for payment. If you still have questions regarding the annual maintenance fee, you may contact the Home Owners Association.

Please contact the Architectural Control Coordinators at the Home Owners Association. The ARC meets every three weeks to review those applications received. Please don’t start a project if you have not yet received approval from the ARC. The ARC is responsible for the review, inspection and approval of the application, and upon approval or rejection of the application, You will be notified in writing of the decision. The ARC has a maximum of 30 days to review your application, but will process it as quickly as possible.

The eyes of the community are many; everyone who sees a problem must assume that no one has reported it. Please take a moment to call and report anything that you see that might need repair. If you have something that needs repair, especially something that could cause damage or is a threat to life or Association property, please contact any HOA member.

If you have noticed a street light out in the neighborhood, gather the following information and call HL&P at 1-800-332-7143
or the HL&P Street Maintenance Department directly at (713) 932-3213.
1. The nature of the problem – the light is out, the light flickers on and off, etc.
2. Closest address or location of the light.
3. The 6 digit pole number found facing the street stenciled on the pole itself.


Or, if you have noticed a problem in the neighborhood that the police should investigate. First gather the following information:
1. The nature of the problem.
2. Closest address or location of the problem.
Than call The Harris County Sheriff's Department at 713-221-6000

Go to the website: . Enter the information for your location and follow the instructions.